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2015 Nissan Navara ST (4x4) review

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This is an absolutely awesome truck! The ride quality for a ute is amazing. You just gotta love coil spring suspension!

It looks the part too. Mine is black, not everyone's choice I guess, but the body shape is accentuated by the dark colour and looks kind of 'Gansta' with the dark tinted windows.

I've heard some people comment the steering is a bit unresponsive and heavy, whereas I find I get good feedback through the wheel. I obviously eat enough Vegemite and spend plenty of time at the gym, as I have not found the steering heavy at all.

My only minor complaint about the steering is it suffers a small amount of understeer particularly on tighter roundabouts.

The longest one-way trip I've taken in it so far is 1500km, and it is like jumping out of your reclining lounge chair after watching a Game of Thrones marathon, in that you have no reservations about jumping straight back into that chair and doing the same again. The level of comfort is simply amazing!

The instrument panel is a little bit bland, however. The little picture of the ute on the screen is an odd choice. Could be a bit more informative perhaps instead of just a space-filling picture. I don't know what is different in the ST-X dash, as I could not afford to even look at the top of the line model. But I am very happy with the interior equipment level and the overall build quality of my ST.

I honestly don't know what the rear seats are like as I've never travelled in them, but all my passengers have been impressed with the comfort, air-con vents, legroom and the quietness of the cab – that is, until I turn the stereo on – I get a few complaints about noise then!

There's nothing I can say about servicing costs as yet, as I'm not due my first 12-month service for another couple of weeks, and the odo is only at 9500 km.

I love the grunt of the twin-turbo engine, and the auto is ultra smooth. Fuel economy is pretty good in my books, but it can be hefty if you're hammering hard with your right foot. This thing tows like a dream too. You have to keep reminding yourself that you have a trailer on, it's that smooth.

Overall, I love it!

Happy trails to all.