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2015 Nissan Navara ST (4x2) Review

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Around Frankston 9.7lt/100km is great compared to around 13lt/1ookm with my BF2 Falcon when driving in school or shopping traffic.

I never was a fan of diesel fuel but more than 800 km in a tank full suits me just fine.

The Falcon 6 spd auto and 3.9 ltr motor is far smoother than the Navara when changing gear. The Falcon is hardly noticeable after changing from 1st to 2nd gear and you cannot tell after that usually but the Navara you can pick every change.

The Navara is so much easier to get out of than the Falcon when you're 66 years of age and your wife has two knee replacements, and also you don't need a trailer with the extra room in the lockable tub.
The Falcon is much better on take off from lights and although I haven't towed yet, I expect the Navara to out perform the Falcon in this area except maybe on the take off.

I always had Falcons with 6 cyl motors and reckon they have the best Aussie motors ever in the last 30 years and I think that a 3 lt engine would have been a better option for me - but that would only be for the smoothness of gear changing in the auto, still happy.

I love the gauges for fuel consumption, avg speed and all that sort of stuff.
Looks great and great fuel economy which matches what the sales guy at Bayside Nissan said.

Get a Silver or light colour they look so much cleaner.
JC Langwarrin