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2015 Nissan Navara DX Review

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I live in Mexico. Here the Navara is called Frontier. My truck is great for work and family. I recently went to Las Vegas Nevada in USA, put over 3 thousand kms on it and the vehicle performed great!!!

And the best part of all is that my New Double Cab, 6 speeds standard petrol 4 cylinder engine costs only 19,500 Aus $!!!! I know it's not as well equiped as yours don under, but it gets the job done, and mostrar important, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

The picture was taken in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. At least three times when I was at the petrol station, some stranger approached and asked me about this New Nissan pickup. Remember, this truck is not still for sale in the USA. So I ha to explain that this was the New Frontier.

I use it everyday for commuting from home to work and in weekends I put my kayak on it and go to the nea rest late in Chihuahua City in Northern Mexico. I ha to put another versión in this Page because mine is not available in Australia. And yours are still not available here.

People here Who want a luxury truck buy instead a big Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge or Toyota. But for me my Nissan is great, and I 'm looking forward to put on it a nice sport wheels next week. Well, I guess I will recomend this Frontier to anyone!