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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (4x2) Review

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The OUTLANDER has proven to be alright, as this is my second one, the last one I had for nearly 5 yrs.

I have had a few things go wrong with the SUV since purchase in Aug 2015, the power steering stopped working a number of times, then a fuse went which caused the remote not to work so I could not lock the car, nor open the boot, I had no touch controls, no reverse camera.

So that was fixed, and the service dept said it was maybe because of the fuse the power steering stopped working, mind you the power steering was cutting in and out, the is SUV had only done 400 kms at this stage, so it was annoying, going back to service all the time.

It is nice to drive but I would go for the larger engine , its bigger and harder to park, and the blind spots at the rear is hard to get use to. At times I wish I had kept my 2011 one, the new one is ok but not a huge difference, ye sit might have a few more tech items in the car, but the inside is not in keeping with the look outside. So time will tell how it will travel, and I hope there are no more problems with the car.

But its roomy easy to drive and I suppose they better the last one, but there are plenty around, I do think the servicing cost are way too expensive