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2015 Mitsubishi Asx Ls (4wd) Review

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Picked my ASX diesel from Newcastle NSW and drove back to Gold Coast. I managed to get 5.2/litres per hundred. Which I thought was pretty good at the first attempt. Probably could have had a lower result except there were a lot of road works on the Pacific Hwy.

The radio had good reception. My Bluetooth streaming sounded good. Phoning seems to work well. Still need to train myself on its usage.

Cabin noise is comparable to my previous car if not better. A Renault Megane 1.9 Diesel.

I like the extra torque.

Only thing the trip computer doesn't keep a fuel average for the whole tank. It reverts back to start another average if the engine has been shut down for more than four hours.

The transmission works well, I had to think about the changes on the trip up as I hadn't noticed them.
Quite impressed with the quietness of the engine at idle especially compared to a German brand that was idling away next to the ASX in a parking lot.

I like the height of the seating, I don't have to climb out of the vehicle.

Overall a very healthy plus to the ASX Diesel.

I haven't tried the 4WD feature yet.

The seating is good, sitting upright is great. But I found my arse got sore sitting for so long on the trip. So now have a memory foam cushion to sit on.

Would have liked to have auto door lock as standard when driving off.