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2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 L Review

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Overall the S600 V12 is a magnificent car. Its got a ton load of features which becomes really useful over time. The car is both enjoyable to drive and to be chaffered in. The rear leg room in generous although I do believe the 760Li and Rolls Ghost are a little better.

It is definitely a head turner and for me has a certain presence which the normal S-Classes just do not match up to. The re-designed front end for me looks far better.

The whole car on a whole looks far more executive and depending on wheel choice can easily be mistaken for the Maybach version. I do believe the only difference between the S600L and the Maybach will be length.

The car has all the finest materials and there is no "nude" plastic in the car. All the pillars are either done in leather, swede or this carpet like material.

The negative side of having so much leather in a car is that it tends to squeak a little. Its not a major problem which can usually rectified by bolstering up a seat or simply pressing the portion making the noise.

The slightly large rear doors annoy me slightly. Would have preferred smaller doors like the Rolls. The magic body control needs improvement, it works 80% of the time to pick up the bumps or am I being to fussy?

Having being in many high end cars I do believe that the S600L V12 will take down the Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Flying Spur in terms of pure luxury. Mercedes have stepped up with the S-Class on a whole, everything on this generation are far better than the previous one. There is no way you can compare the current 7 Series or A8 to it. I love the high class materials and metal finishes. The organ styled vents from RR and Bentley are also great.

For me theres one word which pretty much sums up this car "refinement".