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2015 Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport (4x4) Review

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Firstly when buying the CX5 you should take it for at least a half hour test drive and make sure you take it up some decent hills. That is when you will find out the LACK of power! I bought the 2.5 AWD and was told to keep away from the 2 Litre Model so I did but found a lack of power in the 2.5 but didn't find out till I went on holidays when I was greeted with some hills out at Gunnedah and what a surprise the car geared back to 4th gear and the hill was not real steep but went for a long way. Another thing I don't like is the GPS all you get is one woman's voice that I find hard to understand and with 3 years of free maps it should be life time maps and I think they are overpriced by about $5000.

Well that's the bad things about the car .The good things I like is the way it drives, the steering is very very easy and is very light. The 6 speed auto gearbox is very smooth while going through the gears and one thing I do like is that the gearbox is a sealed gearbox so no changing the oil in it . I also found the I-Stop very easy to use and if you don't want the engine to stop every time the car stops all you have to do is take a little pressure off the brake and the motor wont shut down.