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2015 Mazda CX-5 Akera Review

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The updated CX 5 has filled in the little gaps that the previous model still had and in doing so now sets the bar very high for a sub $60000.00 vehicle!

BMW and Audi would be starting to get a little frustrated with how this SUV keeps closing the gap between them in quality and at a price that is making people ask just why am I forking out so much more on a European vehicle that really offers little more than badge creed over the Mazda.

It seems that people are now seeing Mazda as starting to be a step up from the general brands these days.The CX 5 isn't perfect, it still has some minor short comings such as the level or road noise when running on highways, while much better that previous Mazda vehicles I have driven its could still be improved.

The quality of the paintwork that Mazda applies to all its vehicles dose not appear to have changed since the introduction of the first Mazda 6 back when the company began to regain its mojo, don't get me wrong the paint looks great but its like its been put on so thin that if you rub it a little to hard it will come off!

Paint chips seem to apear much too frequently with Mazda cars. But apart from these small issues oh and everyone's favorite bug bear the lack of rear air vents I would have to say this small midsize SUV is currently in that sweet spot between value and prestige that makes the CX 5 so desperately sort after amongst buyers today.