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2015 Mazda CX-3 S Touring (FWD) Review

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Very pleasant to drive. Performance, handling and braking are above average.Tyre noise on coarse surface bitumen is a bit excessive.

Excellent fuel consumption (examples are 5.8 l/100km Sydney to Newcastle & return also Sydney to Forbes & return).

Excellent info screen and Navigation. A few too many blind spots for my liking due I feel to unsatisfactory placement & lenses in the external rear view mirrors.

Cabin space/storage is very poor when compared to a Hyundai i30 for example. Only one glove box and not too user friendly door pockets. Centre cup holders are poorly located and can't be used if optional centre front console is in down position.

If cup holders are used then conversely the console can't be used. Seating is comfortable, especially the drivers seat. Info system is also excellent. I actually use 95 octane fuel in preference to E10 unleaded which may be the reason the fuel consumption is better than expected. Engine and auto transmission are matched perfectly.

If I could reorder the vehicle again I would definitely have ordered it with the safety lane change pack option. This would improve problems I have experienced when changing lanes etc. Obviously my neck is not as flexible as it used to be. I must admit that the left front seat head restraint can decrease the vision through the left front window.

I would like to see improvements in later models to include better cabin storage, cup holder location, centre console arm rest and attention to external rear vision mirrors.

Although the CX3 has a few short comings I am not disappointed that I purchased one.