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2015 Mazda CX-3 S Touring (AWD) review
  • Comfort; Easy, smooth handling; Auto wipers, air-con and lights; Fuel consumption – cheap!; Head-up display
  • Small back seat, but fits two okay; No console, but I don't miss it

by Lisa Speissegger

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I love this car. It is easy and comfortable to drive. The diesel is very economical, as I do 20–25,000km a year at a cost of around $40 a fortnight.

A single CD-player, but who cares when it has Bluetooth that connects quickly and starts playing my default music app playlist. The car has inbuilt connectivity to Pandora and Aha music apps also. I can push a button and ask to call people in my contacts list. Initially this was a waste of time, but it seems to have gotten used to my voice maybe, or I have worked it out properly. It’s easy to contact people all hands-free, with great speakers in the cabin.

The car can fit two people in the back of average size. I love the head-up display and touch screen, along with the steering wheel controls. Auto wipers, auto lights, auto air-con – no excuse but to focus on the road. The head-up display is fantastic, so there’s no excuse to speed, and it also has a navigation system that tells you off if you are over the speed limit. But you can turn it off…

This car has no centre console, but you can buy one for around $500. It has drink holders and a deep glovebox, so I don’t miss the centre console.

The low-profile tyres and black alloys look great. I would have preferred dark tinted windows, which I can pay to do, although the car comes with privacy glass. You can access the online Mazda site to keep an eye on servicing prices – it’s comprehensive and helpful.

We went for the diesel over the petrol, as we felt it had more pick-up and was a bit more gutsy. Even though it is a diesel, it is quiet inside the cabin and outside.

I love this car, and highly recommend it.


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2015 Mazda CX-3 S Touring (AWD) review Review
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