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2015 Mazda CX-3 Maxx (FWD) Review

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Ground clearance is too low in comparison with HR-V & Subaru XV. No fun in this respect.

Really would like to it up to 215 with teflon spacer and thereafter 235/70/R16 tyres.

Dashboard level should be higher & rounder towards the windscreen.

Performance is good and sport button is interesting. I was looking for a compact SUV that provides good space and great technology. The latter is excellence but not the former (rear & boot).

I still have my 2007 Toyota RAV4 and loving it. It's still like a new vehicle.
After driven CX3 and compared the height & its space - regretted, would opt for CX5 if I have the budget. Now intend to raise the ground clearance at least.

I welcome advice on this.