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2015 Mazda 6 Sport Review

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Having owned thirty-five cars in thirty-five years, I believe I've earned the right to review. As a mechanic in an earlier life, picking up failed road worthy's for a song, doing them up and making a quick $500 was a right of passage for a young struggler on award wages.

Thankfully life has moved on for me. I still get grease under the nails but thats usually as a result of servicing the trusty Briggs and Stratton to keep the lawn in check with the Jones's next door.
I've owned everything from collector MG's and Chevy's to Volvo's and new Merc's. I supported global GDP for too long.

Having only last week given my beloved MX5 to my son and sold my other mid-life crisis Harley Davidson under duress from the leader of the opposition, I do love her, I find it time to cease being selfish and start caring for others. Recent aged care for the outlaws dictates that I need a car that can accomodate their needs not just mine. I could get my mother-in-law into the MX5, I just can't get her out. Maybe that's not a bad thing, do you think anyone would notice. The dear wife won't divorce from her Mini Cooper, hence my MX5 being subjected to an inter-generational transfer. I just hope my son remembers me when it comes to weekends as I'm not selling my British farmers cap on EBay, I just might need it again if he allows me some topless motoring.

So where did that leave me this week? Yes, a new C class again would be nice, but I really don't want to tear up $60K and fund Angela Merkel's economy again. Now I've been a loyal reader of CarAdvice since Adam was in fig leaves, so I took your trusty advice and made the fatal mistake of calling in to the local Mazda showroom for a looksy. I took the now Minister for Fun, previously leader of the opposition. What was supposed to be a simple test drive resulted in "would you like tinting and body protection". The funny thing was I didn't need a salesperson, although she was lovely.

I'd already sold myself on the Mazda 6. Yes, it doesn't make heads turn like my MX5, it can't climb the Border Ranges like my Disco, but it does float me effortlessly accross busy Brisbane during peak hour. In fact, I'm starting to enjoy bumper to bumper traffic again. Excuse me a moment will you while I tell my daughter to get back to classic ABC FM from that noisy Gen Z stuff she's programmed to. Zoom, zoom, zoom!!!