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2015 Mazda 6 Sport Review

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OK, now a serious review.

Some bloggers didn't appreciate the sense of humour from my owner's review I just posted. So what do I think of the Mazda 6 Sport sedan. The handling and roadholding is pretty sharp.

Obviously nothing like the MX5 I just departed from. It's a pretty good compromise though. You point it and it follows with a well balanced electric power steering unit that's nicely weighted. Mazda have sorted out the ride/handling balance pretty well. It's definitely flatter than a Camry yet still soaks up bumps well. The 17 inch wheels transmit less shock than the 19's on the more upmarket models as well.

I thought the sat nav/infotainment screen might be annoying sitting up centre dash like a laptop, but no, the top of the 7" screen actually sits below the line of vision. It's intuitive as well, not like some of the sat nav's I've used. Rear seats are accommodating too. Plenty of rear legroom, head rooms OK unless you're a giant. Mazda claim they've improved sound proofing by 20% on the blacktop, but the engine's still a bit intrusive and that's not when you push it.

The six speed auto is sweet. The ratios are well spaced and like most big fours in this class it sits on about 2000rpm at a 100kph. Regenerative brakes and Mazda's I-stop should save a few dollars at the pump, but I wonder how many starter motors you're going to burn out if you're planning to hold these cars over the long term. But then most manufacturers are going down this road.

Move to the rear and the boot has a lot of length, a low loading lip but not a lot of height. So bulky items may prove a challenge. Yet the usual 60/40 split gives the extra length you need.

The 2.5 petrol is a nice unit. I didn't want to spend the extra dollars on the diesel. I still think Mazda could introduce a six though, or go down the turbo route on the petrol four. But overall it's a really well sort out car. Mazda do raise the bar which keeps the rest on their toes. And for the money, you do get a fair bit of kit.