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2015 Mazda 3 SP25 Review

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Performance in the Mazda 3 SP25 is outstanding, considering the size of the engine and the weight of the car.

The space in the boot is adequate for one suitcase, but for two adults going on an extended trip the rear seat had to be used for the second bag. This ultimately limits the number of persons going on holiday in this car to two.

For driving around town and commuting to and from work this car is ideal. The rear parking camera makes the small car very easy to park and the fold-down seats in the rear mean I can fit almost anything I can pick up from Bunnings.

Rear-mounted centre console air vents would be great for those sitting in the back seats, and cup holders would also be appreciated. But, I do know this has been addressed in later models.

Mazda servicing is quick and efficient, if somewhat expensive. Autotune is a viable alternative, however.

The auto's manual mode is great for maintaining a downhill speed and for the thrill of going up through the gears.

On long trips (over 200kms) the seating can get uncomfortable in the front and legroom is limited in the rear for adults. But it is a small car so I was expecting this. When carrying kids in the back and having to use a child's booster seat, there isn't enough leg room even for those little legs.

I bought this car mainly because I have had two Mazda 3's before this and one Mazda 2, and I couldn't fault them on performance and reliability. Ultimately, I would, and have, recommended this car to friends and family.