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2015 Mazda 3 Sp25 Astina Review

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Just done 1000 km and love driving my sp25 :) the engine is very responsive. It's lively acceleration really puts you into the back of your comfy seat. Overtaking on country roads is a breeze. Took it on a return trip from Tamworth to Coffs Harbour and it handled the trip beautifully. My daughter (18) sat in the back the whole way and loved it! She is short however... And the leg room in the back is tight for average sized blokes.

In the front the car is well appointed and very comfortable. Some reviews criticise the front arm rest. They claim its positioning is awkward. For me it works perfectly with the control knob for the entertainment system. the entertainment system has everything. You do need data access through your device to connect to the Internet. Voice activation works and recognises my strong Aussie accent.

Navigation works fine however, there are some annoying points here. Should you change your mind as to whether you want sat navs help, it is difficult to cancel and the direction to "do a u turn" gets on the wick.

Manual is fun to drive although I am still getting used to the clutch it is very light and I have a tendency to drop the gears in too quickly at times.

Haven't got close to the claimed fuel economy averaging 7.4l/km rather than the claimed 6.5. But I have not been driving too economically at this point as the car is way much too fun