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2015 Mazda 3 Sp25 ASTIna Review

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Unbeatable value for the money. In saying that it feels and drives like a premium European car.

Love having it as an everyday drive to and from work.

Feels and drives like a hot hatch but with all the comfort and convenience one could hope for. Heads up display, heated leather seats, sunroof, blind spot monitoring, GPS the list goes on and on.

Cheap to maintain and you know there will be no surprises during maintenance.

The power delivery is effortless easily putting to shame some of the European cars in the same bracket.

Feels well planted on the road equally as good as my BMW if not better.

Have got the Kuroi sports pack on my black hatch. That makes it an even mean looker.

I was going to buy a ford focus ST but my mechanic suggested focuses can become expensive to maintain very quickly as they are essentially European cars these days.

Test drove the ST which was very good but lacked in the features the Mazda was offering. The Mazda's fit, finish, interior quality and all the additional features available as standard made it a no-brainer for me. It was also 4k cheaper that the ST :)

This is without a doubt the best car in its class and Mazda are onto a winner here. Did I mention adaptive cruise control, electric seats, heads-up display, paddle shifts as standard :)

This is a lot of car for 37k. And oh yes one last thing, I know when after 5 to 6 years I am planning on selling it, it will go quick!!