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2015 Mazda 2 Neo Review

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The fuel economy at 10+ litres to the 100 kilometres is a real negative for a small new car.

Being told by Mazda that the car needs at least 10,000 kilometres before the economy improves is not a great selling point. The car is rarely in stop start traffic and should be more economical on fuel consumption.

This point is the most frustrating as the car was purchased to save money on fuel.

Have had little to do with after sales service but the two times I complained about the fuel economy I felt as if I was being fobbed of as the service department was less than interested telling me to come back when there was more than 10,000 kilometres on the clock.

On the positive side the internal space is more than adequate. The rear seating area is able to take three adults of average size.

The boot is deceptively large for a small car and would take a good load.

The driving comfort is better than expected and the price for what I thought I was getting was a winner.

The dashboard display is easy to view but could be better if more display options were available such as fuel consumption average, but it is the bottom end basic model.

The blue tooth set up is not the easiest to operate with very small buttons but the car at least has it to access.

The external appearance is better than good and shows a modern design easy on the eye with a varied colour range to select from.