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2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTs Review

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Having owned and really enjoyed BMWs, Audis, & Mercedes and driven a fair few Porches over the years, I have to say nothing comes close to this Maserati,

The 2015 Quattroporte GTS is extremely stylish, has abundant power, handles beautifully and provides a superb ride whilst you are immersed in luxury leather and serenaded to by the sweet sounds of an awesome Ferrari made twin turbo Maserati V8 engine.

The lines of the vehicle are sensational and I have had complete strangers come up to me in the past week and say that it looks even better in the flesh than it does online.

Compared to the latest German creations I have to agree with them as this Maserati looks so much more elegant than that any of its rivals and is an absolute treat to drive.

To be fair I haven't driven the V12 Aston Martin Rapide which sounds awesome, is faster but looks quite dated on the outside and like a 1980s disco on the inside - sorry to a good make who I know will read this and owns one.

In terms of the engine note I am surprised how good the Quattroporte GTS sounds given how hard it is to get turbo engines to sound anything like normally aspirated V8s.

Whilst the latest German creations are excellent, I prefer to "drive" the vehicle myself rather than have algorithm determine steering feedback or if there is a bus in the lane next to me.

This is a real drivers car !