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2015 LDV G10 (9 Seat) Review

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Value for money, this car is a likely winner. We bought the 9 seat version which comes with leather seats.

The configuration of those 9 seats has had our kids occupied. Four of the rear 7 seats are 'captains chairs' and they love them. The rear row is your standard three seat but has the advantage of being a fold up seat to increase luggage area. The drivers and front passenger seats are extremely comfortable. Both front seats are high which gives a great view of the road ahead. I can't fault the drive of this vehicle.

Took it through the Dandenong Ranges and shifted into 'manual' and it cruised along better than the Camry that I've upgraded from.

It gets to 100 km/h easily and feels like that there is plenty left in the tank. Critics said that the engine is noisy but mine isn't. I've been getting about 10 litres per 100 km's on middle/outer suburb roads which is better than the Kia Carnival. All the techno features work well and it's a better vehicle than I hoped it to be. There is heaps of space inside.

I was looking at a second hand Kia but my preference was for a new vehicle. Kia Carnival starts at $46k and is out of financial league. For $33k I'd highly recommend it.