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2015 Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 Tdv6 Review

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Man, what a vehicle this has been.

Kids, wife, Dog, sporting goods, groceries, just throw everything in and cruise along. My 2015 Discovery 3 litre TDV6 handles like a pro. I've had an old 2005 V8 petrol version before; horrendous reliability. But this one has not shown a single electronic gremlin so far.

Have owned the car for 6 great months. 7 seats, good access height for car parks and kids entry and exit, halogen lights at night are bright, daytime DRL, mesmerising 11 speaker audio system and 8 speed automatic are all excellent features.

Feels safe as a Cocoon, you sit in it and feel like the Emperor of the roads. Excellent visibility. Turning radius is great too, doesn't seem like a big car when turning or once you get used to driving it. Plush as it comes with the Air suspension.

Great torque. Pulls like an elephant. Start up acceleration is not bad for a vehicle weighing 2.6 tonnes. Eats up kilometres and road bumps with ease. Leather seats feel good. Rear camera and sensors make your driving easy and hassle free and safe.

However some of these depend on the dealerships tailored options and selective inclusion list and pricing negotiations. The electronic modes work like a dream although I haven't utilised all of them to full potential. The gear knob popping up on start up is sensuous and has an upmarket feel. Range Rover looks inside almost. It's a better utilitarian and cheaper than the Range Rover.

Now enough positives. Something should be amiss.

Fuel economy in the city for frequent start stops and small journeys within 10kms only returns 13litres of diesel to 100kms. That is not pushing the car and driving normal. Long distances though it's improved to 9litres to 100kms.

The tail gate is tight to latch shut, you definitely need side steps if you have the elderly or young kids, luggage space with all 7 seats up is minuscule at the rear, so you will need a roof rack or pod if you intend to carry much stuff. Tow-bar is standard although the tow hitch mount and ball is a paid accessory, which is not good.

Servicing is once in 26,000km. In my opinion this is too far spaced although one can be done at 13,000kms which is still far. No capped servicing and the price of spares are ridiculous.

The vehicle has so far been reliable and fewer issues reported worldwide compared to previous year models.

A good all rounder.

The plush ride and features have a price so I don't mind. Every time I drive the car I feel happy and emotionally satisfied.

It's a pleasure to own one.