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2015 Kia Rondo Si Review

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I have a Kia Rondo as my company vehicle. The Rondo ticks many boxes but in my opinion is let down by 3 things. Firstly the dead steering. Albeit light and 3 mode adjustable it has no recoil at all, I am forever steering stewing into junctions and steering out again, it simply has no ability to self centre.
Secondly the diesel I have been driving has throttle lag.

Firget nipping out of junctions or roundabouts in front of traffic, it has a full second of nothing, yes nothing, by then it's too late to go. When it does go it finally takes off with a kick, tyre killing wheel spin due to inadequate electronic traction control.

The final problem I have is forward vision. The raked steeply A pillars are so thick I literally have to move my head sideways to see sideways.

The rest of the car is top notch. Smooth, quiet, economical, solid build quality and unbearable warranty.

The 7 seat configuration is amazing, smaller kids only in the third row but 3 proper adult seats in the second row. The second row actually slides fore and aft, the outer seats even recline. This car is a great option if you need the 3rd row, bear in mind my 3 listed issues to see if you agree, you may not be bothered by them as I am.

Seriously, Kia is now a surprise brand, if you only need 5 seats then buy a Kia Sportage. The Sportage is my personal vehicle of choice, all the attributes of a Rondo but awesome steering, great forward vision and no throttle lag and great traction. Check them both out, you will be highly surprised how far Kia has evolved.