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2015 Kia Cerato S Premium Review

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6 months and 15,000 km in (S premium) and love this car! Very comfortable, great features, 7 years peace of mind. They wouldn't give 7 year warranty if they thought it wouldn't last the distance.

Best combination of features for the money.

Lots of little "surprise and delight" features you only find after a while. It feels like the designers really thought out the car well. I have owned a lot of cars from aussie v8 to euro expresses but this one really feels like it was designed by people who understand what is needed in a commuter day to day drivers car to be lived with.

1.8 engine is no fireball, but keeps up OK, (its not a sports car). Never feels flat. Slightly rough at idle in neutral, but fine once in motion. I'm getting 7.5 L/100km, but most of my driving is peak hour Sydney commute. Have seen 6s on long highway runs.

The 6 speed auto is very smooth always picks right gear and gear changes are smooth and snatch free. It would be nice if it had a sports mode (like falcons do) as well as manual gear selection but thats fine.

Reverse camera and sat nav is great and work well. Bluetooth to my phone was a once off 30 second job and works great, I use it every day and people comment on how clear it sounds.

Some dull grey ugly plastic on centre console let down an otherwise very attractive dash and great 7" screen.

So far 0 faults to go back to the dealer for.

The worst thing about the car? The badge. People turn up their noses at Kia, but they should at least try one.

I bought the car for price features and warranty, but am surprised how much I love it. I look for excuses to drive it.

Its not a hi power sports car or euro limo, its just a really good commuter car,