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2015 Kia Cerato S Premium Review

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Have owned my Cerato for 2 months now, and it's been nothing short of a joy thus far. Bought this car when I downsized from an overly thirsty 4WD so my girlfriend and I could save more, and with the excellent economy from this little beast, saving is what we're doing!

The main selling point for me was the warranty, now a highly respectable 7 years, unlimited kilometres. From my way of thinking, if a manufacturer is happy to stand by their vehicle for that long, they have to be super confident in their product! As someone who likes reliability in my cars, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

I must say, the feature list found in the Cerato S-Premium is extensive, and offers excellent value for money. The interior of the vehicle is incredibly roomy. At a rather long legged 6'4", I don't often fit comfortably in small cars, with legroom always being the primary concern. However, with the Cerato's many points of adjustment (seat height, forward and back, steering wheel tilt and telescopic adjustment) I find it have plenty of room, and more to spare. Boot space is also excellent, with a cleverly concealed full sized spare, which is a godsend when on Australia's open roads. I don't want to be stuck on a pizza cutter of a spare wheel for 600k's as I limp across the Nullarbor!!

On road it is a pleasure to drive. Comfortable on long runs, where the cruise control is also invaluable, it also handles beautifully through the Hills. The six speed auto makes good use of the rather low power output of the engine, so it doesn't often feel lacking. In saying that, once at highway speeds, accelerating does feel rather sluggish. I can, however, forgive the little 1.8l for that! Economy, as previously stated, is excellent in my opinion. I do a comfortable 7.2 L/100k with mixed city and rural driving, and have had it near 6 L/100k on the open road.

The Cerato is also a surprisingly sporty looking little thing, which is in contrast to the image that Kia has had for quite some time. The designers have drawn A LOT of inspiration from their European counterparts, and the resulting car is a rather suave tribute to that style.

Overall, a fantastic car that I have so far been very happy with! Kia themselves have also been excellent to deal with, an added bonus, considering the reputation most car dealerships carry!