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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Review

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We bought our turbo diesel Overland last December and have been totally pleased with it in every way. We needed a 4WD to pull a large caravan and the choice was economically between the Jeep ad the VW Toureg Turbo diesel equivalent. The Jeep won out for us.

In the end we were compelled to want the full quada drive 11 system and the adjustable air suspension to give us the best off road driving experience. And this took us past the Laredo and Limited models tovte Overland model which has these off road features included.

We were fortunate that a fabulous demo model was available to purchase at a great price. Of course, at its model level it came wit so many other fabulous features for the price. As well, the Jeep gives us a very stylish vehicle around the city compared to Patrols or Landcruisers but still has the capability to go serious off road.

My wife and I were worried about the large size of the vehicle compared to our previous smaller car. However we have found it good to park especially as with the reversing camera system and the forward and rear sensors helping to get parked correctly.

The only issue on purchase for us was the low profile 20inch tyres/rims which aren't really suited to the rigours of offroad travel. We requested the vehicle be supplied with the standard 18inch rims to give us a higher rubber profile on the road. We were obliged at o exta cost and doesnt seem to have affected the overall andling experience. Our spare tyre is an 18inch rim anyway so tatg all works in well.

Overall, its a pleasure to drive each time we slide into the drivers seat!