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2015 Jeep Compass Limited Review

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I have recently purchased a Jeep Compass limited brand new and could not be happier about my purchase, I compared it to many other vehicles in the same class, and many could not come close to the value for money, looks and features that the Compass offered.

Being my first venture into an American built car, I am quite impressed. The interior has ample space, easily allowing for up to 5 adults. The multimedia features are also impressive with Bluetooth connectivity,DVD playback, reversing camera and navigation. Additionally the Limited's Boston audio system does not disappoint any of your favorite tracks and offers strong natural bass with minimal distortion.

The Limited's leather heated seats are of a premium feel keeping you nice and warm and the stitching around the seats adds to the compass's style. Being a regular night time traveler the adaptive review mirror is of a great advantage, reducing the glare from other cars. Other great features of the car include an automatic driver's seat, heated side and folding mirrors.

The only fault that i could find with the interior is the lack of a soft touch dashboard, but even then that is of minimal concern. On the road the Compass is not the fastest of cars but the Limited's 2.4L engine offers ample acceleration and given that the compass is a small cross over SUV and not in the sports sedan category, the acceleration offered is more than enough for users in that market.

The 6 Speed transmission is very smooth in shifting and helps to keep RPM's at around 2,000 at 100km/h. I have yet to get a true feel of the 4WD mode but given it's a Jeep it will be more than enough for light adventure. Fuel consumption is somewhat average and is around 10.0 L/100km when city driving.

When at low speeds the cornering is good but too fast and it will give a tilt feeling. Overall I am impressed with the car and I will have a look at Jeep again when I want a new car.