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2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited Review

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What a great car so far. For a small to mid size SUV the Cherokee Limited Diesel must surely be up near the top of it's class. Loaded with kit and features. Quality of fit out and attention to detail is very well done.Love the comfort and cabin luxury in Limited trim. Best seats in any car I've ever owned. Where this vehicle shines is the compromise between car like mannerisms and off road credibility. Jeep have a winner here even if the looks do take a little getting used to. It really does look much better in the flesh than it does in pictures. trust me The standout feature for me is the awesome technology centered around the brilliant Uconnect system. American innovation with a touch of European design. The system is quick to pair phones and the voice connectivity is intuitive and makes it a breeze to operate a plethora of vehicle communication and comfort features.

The ride and handling of the Cherokee is firm and precise on the 18" wheels and 55 profile rubber offered by the Limited. NVH is really quite low for it's type . The car really shines on secondary dirt roads where it soaks up bumps with aplomb and remains settled and composed. It seems made for this sort of driving environment. It's plain fun to drive in this sort of setting. The 9 speed auto is interesting and takes a little getting used to. Not quite sure they have it 100% just yet. Thankfully software issues only. Downshifting of the box in the lowest gears is definitely noticeable but not intrusive. It can seem to hunt gears just a little at low speed but once up and going the car is a fantastic cruiser. Very quiet and comfortable. Economy so far is very good for a relatively new diesel that will obviously improve with time. The Active Drive II system inspires confidence on most surfaces and the addition of true low range 4x4 is a great bonus to the Limited diesel. It's a shame Jeep don't provide this diesel to other trim levels particularly the Trailhawk as it would further improve Australian sales where we love our diesels.
The rest of this car is great. Good rear seat leg room and comfort. Cargo space is fairly limited but can be improved by adjusting the back seats. Not great if you need stacks of room for cargo but definitely not useless.

If Jeep can get the ratios and changes finally sorted with the 9 speed box then this vehicle will rise to the top of it's class