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2015 Jaguar XF 2.2d Premium Luxury Review

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I haven't had my jag long, so servicing of car will be a was away.

The overall quality of the car has been improved to be world class standard. Just driving the jaguar is fluid,tight, no body roll, quite and lots of fun. Being over fifty it has brought me back to my youth, as I now have the sports car I've always dreamed of owning ( it hasn't disappointed me).

The jaguar dealers In Sydney Australia I went to, Alto and Concord were outstanding. I only wish I could have bought my jag from them both. (Maybe an XE for my wife). The xf is a drivers car the sport paddle shifting to brilliant corning. The sunroof is a little noisy ( maybe a warranty to realign closure). So far my fuel economy is 5.4, mind you I live in the country out side of Sydney. Good roads to drive on.

The 2.2 diesel power plant is great above 2000 rpm, it has great exhaust note the acceleration is a lot of fun in sport mode. The climate control is great, but having some problems with global opening that needs to be looked at, the eco function doesn't work if you are listening to the sound system loud or above half volume.

The interior screams British, the leather seating, dash and door trims, oh the wood. Burr walnut on the dash, console and door panel is just perfect. The wait has been a long time but I got here, Would I buy another jaguar xf....................absolutely yes.