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2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-U (4x4) Review
  • quite diesel for 3.0 litre, value for money, nice ride simular to prado only cheaper, good auto, holds gears well., Isuzu built tough
  • No reverse camera for 50k price tag

by Paul Freeman

All I can say is we stepped out of a 2007 Prado which had done 300000 km and was still ok but time to upgrade. We looked at all options, brands and this isuzu mu-x lu came out the best for ride, power to weight ratio and price was perfect for us.It also is a true 4×4 and not a hipsters town 4×4, if u know what I mean to those awd low wagons for potholes in shopping centers, oh sorry to those who own them!!

I have used it for town car, beach work and on a property, plenty mud work and did all perfectly and comfortably. Paint general finish is nice, cleanly finished and great to see 4 wheelisc brakes not drums on rear.

Interior finished nicely and the seat is designed for large people not midgets which was a bonus, cars still new and I got a num bum so hopefully will get softer with time on a long trip, 6hr drive that was.

The rear seats have real leg room so your knees stunt touching the seat in front with room to move. Coming from a Prado was a concern for me but didn’t want to spend $70,000 + again, but got as good for under $50,000 this time, and to be honest, it rides exactly the same.

Very happy, would recommend to anyone, also capped price servicing was a berry fair price, evan the big normal 40k service was half the price off Holden s equivalent colorado 7 which just for the recorded dislike it with a fiat diesel engine!!
Cheers to all


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2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-U (4x4) Review Review
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