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2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-M (4x2) Review

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Wow!Love my car !!I drove a long way looking for my new tow car ,did my home work and that's how you get the right car for you.Everyone who test drove my new 2015 Isuzu can not believe how good they feel to drive.

This car saved my life ! On a free way going 110 I was faced with a huge 4x4 coming at me on my side of the road .I responded fast and hooked my car to the left ,I made the right decision This car helped me keep it under control .

I'm glad to say I lived to tell this story .I have towed my van thousands of miles and yes the mountains are no trouble.When towing I was not holding up the traffic most the time I had to slow the car down ,didn't know I was going as fast as it did .

I have a 14 foot van so that did help ,thinking heavy van it would be slower.The fuel consumption is fantastic even with a van ,Being female I do drive slower than some.

I know this car is a little like a truck but that's what I love I'm a bus driver and love feeling safe ,up high and with a huge motor under the bonnet .My Isuzu is great when my family visit the 7 seats r a plus and the kids love the 2 seats at the back with all the cup and conceivability for iPods eta in fact they Dont won't to get out ,they love the space .

One of my girlfriends is looking at buying this car as I let her drive mine up a mountain ,she is heading to her dealer as I type .I'm going my own way with my new Isuzu and I love it.Would recommend to other women :)