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2015 Isuzu D-MAX SX (4x2) Review

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Overall good car. Only things I can pick is noisy cabin and small cab.

More in depth the ute handles good accelerates good torque is good. Tray size is good back end scrapes sometimes when leaving or entering steep driveway probably because of tow bar length.

What makes writing a review here on car advice requires 250 words please how many works in great detail do I need when I read reviews it's the key words I read and the scores......

Improvements not many just I consider this ute because of simple reasons ford's and holden have too many problems d22 problems bt50 problems amarok problems. That leaves two utes dmax and workmate but when you look under the hood dmax use same engine though whole range hilux don't power windows cost more sound system in hilux sucks. Best all round ute was isuzu.

Recommended to test drive all utes don't listen to pushy sales reps like I'll a illawarra toyota which were unable professional greedy to make sale. To FORCE you into a decision that you don't appreciate the end result. Sales reps from isuzu chilled relaxed let you make decision without pushy sales reps from illawarra toyota pushing for a sale. Highly recommend people avoid going to illawarra toyota.

Now back to the isuzu dmax I am happy with it so far. Feels like I never fill the ute because it keeps going and going and going on 75 liters of diesel I get 850-900km per tanks but on the specs says 950 hate lies