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2015 Hyundai Veloster Sr Turbo Review

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Love the veloster turbo.

Hyundai made a bad choice with factory tires, but once I changed those out, the car is very smooth. Hugs the road on turns very little to no roll, and the seats keep me right where I'm supposed to be. Also, it no longer scares me when hitting a small bump in the road.

I tend to use the sport shift and easily get 35-36 mpg on rural roads, 32 on high way driving spirited. Or get to 60mph in a "efficient" amount of time. Hard to time my self though.

I had heard the steering was numb, but I feel what I need to feel, but bit every little thing on the road. The veloster doesn't jerk the steering wheel around.

It is very roomy for cargo even when waited down it handles well. My two hounds love to go for rides, but fight over the window seat. Wish the seats would lay flat for more utilitarian cargo space. They instead, lay at a slight angle.

Had to spend extra on a spare tire and kit. Hyundai feels that 30lbs inhibits my fuel economy.
The fuel to air ratio of the engine is too fuel rich, leaving a little soot on the faux tail pipes. Which sound a little meek, compared to how the car feels when driven.

The twin scroll turbo has power right from the line.

The third door... Useful, sure. I feel the driver side door is very big and should have been made the same as the passenger side, and a fourth door should have been added.