Hyundai Veloster 2015 sr turbo +
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2015 Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo review

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I originally bought this because I was after a smaller car. I also wanted a car with features I hadn’t had before – sat-nav, sunroof and leather seats. It had everything I was after and at a great price. Meaning, I was paying a house deposit to get all the new technology.

I got mine in the matte-grey colour, which I’ve been loving as well. Contrary to popular opinion, it is quite easy to look after – no waxing, polishing or sealing! Just a good old wash and dry.

I personally think it drives great. It's very responsive with a nice, notchy manual gearbox, so you can really feel the gear changes – not sluggish at all.

The only downside is its size in the back seat. If anyone tall gets in the back, it can be quite uncomfortable for them on bumpy roads. The sunroof also lowers the roof compared to other models, so even in the front seat, a tall person will find their head touching the roof. Although, the boot space is great – I managed to fit a 130L esky, two camping chairs and a tent with the parcel tray off, and room to fit a little more.

In terms of reliability, this car has been great. The only issue I’ve had is the head unit freezing, which was replaced under warranty. Even if I didn’t get it replaced, it wasn’t that bad of an issue, just more convenient to get it changed for free. Other than that, I’ve never had to take the car back to the dealership with any serious or minor problems.

In future models, it would be a good idea to take out the sunroof. As previously mentioned, tall people will be able to enjoy the car a little more. Also, an option to upgrade to Apple CarPlay in older models, as it’s quickly becoming popular these days.

In terms of fuel economy, it has been great. Even though my car has had a few modifications, I still get at least 7L/100km or less (roughly about 500km out of a tank of 98).