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2015 Hyundai Tucson Elite (AWD) Review

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I need to preface this review by stating that I don't own this car (as it is a company car) and as such have no bias towards writing a glowing review (as some might suggest) because I feel the need to do so to justify why I bought the car to begin with.
I've driven many company and rental cars over years and have to say I've never been a fan of Hyundai because of performance and quality until now.
I looked at 8 medium sized SUV's before test driving the Tuscon Elite. The Tuscon was at the very bottom of my list of cars to review. At the time I was adamant that I would never drive a Hyundai because of previous experiences.

The Tuscon Pros & Cons

* Drivers seat configuration is the best on the market for a vehicle in this price category. If you spend time behind the wheel the seat can be adjusted exactly to your driving and comfort style. All electric adjustments. No manual leavers.
* Dash board instruments are all very clear and visible. The night illumination is in blue and white. Very impressive.
* 2 socket chargers in the front along with USB socket. More than enough to power to charge multiple devices.
* Soft feel plastic on the armrests and dash board which gives the car a quality feel about it.
* Reclining rear passenger seats for added comfort over longer journeys.
* Auto boot opening when you have your hands full.
* Good size boot space. Not overly large but given it is a medium size vehicle it is more than enough to for everyday storage.
* The Auto Hold feature allowing you (once activated) to take your foot off the brake at traffic lights or when stationary for long periods of time in traffic.
What impresses me most is in two aspects:
* Performance. In the standard running mode the engine responds very well when you ask for more acceleration in comparison to my previous experience with diesel cars. In Sports Mode the engine comes alive with ample responsive power even at low RPM. Very quick off the mark opening up a wide power band in acceleration.
* Road Noise. At 60km the vehicle is no noisier than any other type of car in its category. Yes the Diesel engine has a destincrive sound but with the windows up its not that noticeable.
At 100kmph the car is very quiet on the road. Hyundai have engineered this car for Australian conditions and I have to say they have done themselves very proud. This is one aspect I can't speak more highly of.
* Poor Bluetooth phone quality to the point that even my Hyundai dealer will not talk to me when I am driving because it is so un-audible. I've been promised a software upgrade but to date nothing.
* Poor audio quality. A thin sound that doesn't get any better once the speakers have been run in.
* No iPhone integration. The model down has it and yet for more money this model doesn't come with it.
* No height adjustment in the front passengers seat. It sits low for the type of vehicle it is in comparison to the drivers seat.

In summary I would never have considered Hyundai as a maker of quality cars (that could equal or better japanese car makers) until now. The benchmark was set high with my previous car being a Nissan Murano.
The new Tuscon has proved me wrong.
If you are in the market for a medium sized SUV you need to put the Hyundai Tuscon car on your short list, and at least do yourself a favour and take it for a test drive.
You will be impressed.
To Hyundai: If you can only fix the issues I have stated above you will have a market winner. It just needs that little extra attention to detail.