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2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander CRDi (4x4) Review

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Bought from new travelled 14k so far...
Exterior of the car is good looking and well made. All the exterior fittings and finish are well screwed together. Everything lines up well.
The interior of the car is also well made with the exception of some cheap plastic but hardly noticeable. There have been no squeaks or rattles so far. There is plenty of room in the rear, seating 3 comfortably. In 7 seat mode the 2 seats are more suited to children or a small adults on short trips. A bonus really so no complaints. The overall feedback of passengers has been positive with comfortable reclining seats with the added bonus of being ventilated. Rear window blinds are very practicable especially for young children.
The engine has good pulling power for the size and the transmission is very smooth. However the engine is quite noisy at low speed (under 60 kmh) and can become quite intrusive and spoil driver enjoyment. Hyundai definitely need to work on this. At higher speeds the engine is more composed and outside noises are well suppressed to give a good level of refinement seen in higher end vehicles. The steering is precise and the turning lock is exceptional for a vehicle of this size.
There some disappointing factors about this car:
1. No height adjustment for the front passenger ? yet the seats are ventilated and heated ? At a guess if your under 5 8” then your head technically will not go flush with the rear head rest and your outward view will consist more of the bonnet.
2. The sat nav is slow and clunky and can get very annoying.
3. The driver information system provides a very basic level of information no way near the likes of VW etc.
4. When the satellite navigation or system (cd/radio)is turned off there is no time anywhere except once you press a dedicated clock button, plain stupid.
No breakdowns or other issues…..

I could write so much more but i hope this has covered the main points. Please remember this is an owner review, am not a pro,thanks.