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2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Active (4x4) Review

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I absolutely love, love, love my Hyundai Santa Fe!!

I have three children 4,3 & 1, we have owned the Santa Fe 7 seater for over a year and am so pleased. I have had three new vehicles in five years and the Hyundai is the ultimate family car. I use it for work, family vacations and everyday use.

First of all, the space is incredible. it is suitable for a whole family. I fit my Strider Plus with two seats (every mum knows they are not space saving, lol) and all my shopping along with nappy bags etc.

The technology in the car is mind blowing - in a hurry with arms full you're able to unlock the door by touching the boot to open and shut, I have three car seats along the back seat which fit perfect! The reverse camera allows you to safely see what's behind you with a clear vision. And I love all the sensors around the vehicle that let you know when your too close to an objects or other vehicles - it's fantastic!!

The only fault is that I could not get it in manual, which is very disappointing! But overall the car is outstanding! Hands down best family car you could own. At 60k it was not a cheap buy but it's so worth it! Oh and must add the extra two seats in the back have so much room! A 6ft man has sat comfortably in the back, also convenient to be able to put one seat up and leave the other down for storing the pram. I couldn't speak more highly of the vehicle - after 15months of ownership I have never had an issue!

Oh I should add the diesel consumption is fantastic!!