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2015 Hyundai Genesis (ultimate Pack) Review

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Had the car 10 months now, clocked up 10,000 kms. and nothing has gone wrong - zero warranty work and no service charges.

Radar cruise control and blind spot are both terrific and sorely missed when driving other cars. also reversing cameras and warnings. I drive in sports mode where there is more than enough zip but I have to select the mode each time I start the car - it should maintain the setting on shut down. Same with auto brake selection.

My only complaints. I like to tell my friends I have the safest car in the world! Came out of a Lexus LS460 which has a replacement cost od A$212,000 so very big diference in cost almost $140,000! I miss the Lexus key the size of a business card - nothing else.

If you are thinking of buying a Lexus BMW MBenz, at least test drive the Genesis and if you are not brand and status driven I am sure you will go for the Genesis and keep the change! Remember also that Genesis has 5 years of no service charge and if you service it for 5 years the warranty goes out to 8 years.

If a company offers that length of warranty things have to stay built to they will go broke. The posh brands like to run up a service bill to $1,500 to $2,000 before they give back the car in my experience.

Hyundai is aiming to brea into the luxury market and the current pricing I suspect is a special introductory offer and will not last.