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2015 Hyundai Genesis (ultimate Pack) Review

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I love it! I purchased only Cadillacs 1985 - 2015 (8).

The Genesis is superior in all aspects other than trunk space and even that is close! Safety features and HUD led me to the Genesis. I never expected superior performance, mileage, and comfort!! On a road trip from IN to DE the 3.8 V-6 and 8-speed tranny performed flawlessly, most amazingly when using the adaptive cruise control going up and down the Applailcian Mountains--both uphill AND downhill--never varying by more than plus/minus 2-3 mph.

The system must drag a brake or something to maintain downhill speed. I never felt it, but it did as well as my V-8 Northstars going uphill but 10-15 mph better on the long sweeping downhills in WV and MD. Power response is great (barely discernible turbo-lag) and smooth shifts. 4-wheel drive gave great stability during monsoon-level rains.

Can't wait for winter so I can experience it on snowl and ice. After eight months of zero maintenance costs, my only concern for the future is driver's seat comfort (I weigh over 300 lbs) over the long haul, but that's what long inclusive warranties bring: peace of mind!! HIGHLY recommend. Feel free to delete everything that follows: I highly object to being told I have to key more words to get to 250 words. Brevity is the heart and soul of clarity. I said everything I wanted to say in ninety-four words, and would have just exited your survey if I didn't want the world to know how great my Genesis is.