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2015 HSV Senator Signature Review

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It looks great the engine is mind blowing . The auto suits the engine like a glove . this is my third senator & its the best ,interior is luxury . it would be nice to have the choice of the supercharged engine .

I bought it because it will be the last of its type also hsv have got all the packaged right .there has been some recalls but for minor things . new model what do you expect . but overall for the price it will take some beating with all the goodies its got as standard . look out ford try beating this number with your XR8 .

The paint scheme is called alchemy its like a maroon shade .it turns heads . the adjustable suspension is great to use on the move , if the mood takes you. on a twisty bit of hilly road or the local turbo hoon try's to take you on turn the magic knob and hang on an watch headlights disappear in you mirrors .

If my senator can do this what would the GTS do with that supercharged motor . all I can say is if you can afford one buy one like I said at the the beginning there will be no more made in 2017 , and that's sad shame on you federal government . my last thought is what would the next model look like &could it be better may be but in the mean time I will have in mine .