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2015 HSV Clubsport R8 Review

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After owning a previous VE SV6 and a VF CALIAIS V V8 I have now just picked up my new HSV CLUBSPORT R8 SV so I've joined the cashed up bogans club.

Not every really been a rev head but have always loved the look and sound but just felt I would like a small piece of history.

I've have had the R8 for 2 weeks now see why people buy these cars, the engine is starting to free up and impressed with the fuel economy even though the motor still feels tight mind you I didn't buy this car to save the planet so I'm a realist on what to expect.

I have found the build quality to be of good to high standard as I'm fussy with rattles and squeaks in cars and have found none yet also found that body lines are very precise with the HSV upgrades.

I must admit I love the sound of this engine when you press the start button and give the right peddle some weight you know you have something special, I do like how the cabin is still quiet enough when cruising but when you push the limit you then realize what this car is capable of, be warned it can bite in performance mode if you aren't ready for it.

The great advantage this car has is great braking which will help those in trouble. As a lot of reviewers have mentioned that the GEN F models are a huge improve on the previous would like to see a bit more contrast in the interior, with the all black with some carbon fibre would like to see the HSV motif in red.

I feel the dash layout is great I don't mind the anolog dials as I like the impression it gives you the look of the old muscle cars of the late 70's heritage.With in not to far away this era will be lost in the making of these beasts such a shame as Australia should be proud of what the HSV has produced and the famous mountain will lose the sound of these monsters roaring up to top and down that straight.