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2015 Honda Odyssey VTi review

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I have now owned this vehicle (my fourth Odyssey since 2002) since April 2015 and have driven 33,000km.

Fuel consumption has been excellent, averaging 8.3L/100km over a mix of city and highway driving.

Reliability has been very good with no major issues encountered which is what I expect from a Honda. However I have some minor niggles which are annoying.

There is a dull rattle which seems to come from the steering wheel hub and the interior door handle on the near-side electric door is difficult to rotate. I will get these looked at during the next service.

This is my second review of this vehicle, having previously reviewed it in August 2015. My driving experience in the vehicle since then has confirmed my earlier dislikes.

I do not like the sliding rear doors, in fact I believe they make access to the third row more difficult than hinge doors. They also reduce the storage capability of the doors due to their design which does not incorporate armrests.

Another pet hate is the design of both the front hinge doors and the rear sliding doors which incorporate sills and can easily catch when opened.

The digital air con/heater controls are also poorly designed. They are very difficult to see when driving in sunlight, distract the driver when adjusting them and are a safety hazard. Their clear plastic screen also scratches easily.

In regards to handling, the electric steering is vague and the suspension is very harsh and bumpy over poor roads and speed ramps when compared with the previous Odyssey which felt like a luxury car to drive. I believe this is due to the torsion bar suspension design utilised by Honda to optimise interior space, which is extremely spacious and can accommodate adults in all three rows.

I do not like the black velour-type upholstery which, although comfortable, shows dust very easily and requires weekly vacuuming to keep it looking clean.

I do not like the CVT as compared to the conventional automatic gearbox of the previous model as it sometimes feels as if is hesitating.

Overall I have no regrets I purchased this vehicle but it has been somewhat disappointing to drive and compares very unfavourably with the smoothness and luxurious driving feel of the previous model.