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2015 Honda HR-V VTi-S Review

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I have had my HRV VTi-s for a month and done about 2500ks. Downsizing from a V6 it definitely lacks as much power but is ample for my wife who is the main driver. Seating is good for 4 large adults and ride is very good. Just did a trip from Hervey Bay via Brisbane to Tenterfield and back with 3 large adults in the vehicle all with an overnight bag each and all commented on how good the vehicle drove and ride comfort for a small vehicle.

Driving up the Cunningham Hwy to Warwick through the range I put it into sports mode and it went straight to 3000 rpm pulling effortlessly , after a few ks decided to drop back to normal drive and it hunted between 2000 to 2500 rpm depending on the corners and gradient no problems. with passing at 100 ks with a loaded car no problem although it loves to rev a bit which i think this motor is quiet capable of doing happily.

6.5lt/100ks overall , average speed 70ks hr on computer (I did spend a few days in Brisbane). Driving on the highway back from Warwick sitting on 100ks/hr it sits on about 1800 rpm with a few 2000 rpm moments on hills which I consider not too bad for a 1.8 lt mind you overtaking will see it jump to 4000 rpm readily. GPS shows speed o as 5 ks per hr slow. As for phone connectivity it works for me all contacts entered automatically, I really don't care for GPS as i have it on my phone and I have never had to use it much anyway.

I still have the old RACQ road atlas. Easy to park great with reverse camera which is a good unit and lane alert is very good. Head room for rear is very good and on the way back we put 20 liters of wine in with the luggage and still had room. Audio is great and when i put my USB stick in it played all the downloaded songs unlike my ford ranger. Downside could use the torque a bit lower in the rev range but it still works well.

Still getting used to the CVT but it is silky smooth in cruise control with most hills pushing the revs from 1800 to 2000 rpm and back with no noticeable surge or loss of speed. Love the hill hold feature and there is definitely no driving away with the electric park brake left on, it wont move. Overall I rate it an 8 as it is great around town and very capable of touring. Time will tell.