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2015 Honda HR-V VTi-L Review

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I wanted to downsize from a CRV yet still have a comfortable business car. I like the HRV however what I did not know and I was not told these details by the sales people is that you cannot make phone calls from your phone contacts list without actually handling the phone and pressing the home button on the phone, which is illegal whilst driving. You can answer your phone using the steering wheel buttons when your phone is connected by bluetooth or by HDMI cable.

You cannot voice dial via bluetooth or cable using the steering wheel buttons unless you manually enter all your contacts into the Honda system. Yes I did say manually - I have 300 contacts - sure that is not going to happen.

Another connectivity blunder is the GPS capability. The maps app on the phone will not give you voice directions when the phone is connected by bluetooth. You can view the maps however this action is illegal whilst driving.

I bought the car for business and now cannot do business due to the poor connectivity. This is a step back from the basic CRV I previously had.

I need to sell it after a week so I can do business. Very disappointed as there is no information on these functionality's - or lack of! All information on youtube etc is on their US system which is not what we have in Australia. False marketing Honda. Not sure how you could think this basic functionality is acceptable.

I do like some of the other features - enjoy the keyless entry, left side mirror camera and the backing camera is useful at carparks when your view is blocked.