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2015 Honda HR-V VTi-L Review

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Having owned a HRV for over a year there has been nothing to complain about but lots to rave about.

It looks great and people have commented that it looks like a BMW. The interior is fantastic, sumptuous leather seats that are heated for those cold winter days, a full length sunroof and an interior layout that has everything in its right place. It only took me about 5 minutes to feel right at home with the car. Back passengers are also well catered for with comfortable seats, a centre arm rest and ample head and leg room. The 'magic seats' are a 'breeze' to operate and I have been able to carry a lot of different shape and sized items including 1.8 metre fence posts. In fact you could probably fit a baby elephant, provided it was well behaved one.

It has a very comfortable ride, it handles well and the NVH is very good. The CVT transmission works well with the engine and the paddle shifts give it a bit of a sporty feel. The electric brake with its brake-hold function when the car comes to a complete stop is a real boom in stop start traffic congestion. Not only does it have an excellent reversing camera but also front and back sensors which take the stress out of parallel parking.

Fuel consumption has been impressive with 4.9 l/100km achievable in highway driving, provided you don't have a lead foot.

There's a lot to like about the HRV whether driving in the city or the country. In my opinion some motoring magazines have under rated the HRV particularly in comparison to the Mazda CX-3. Having driven a CX-3 it may have a bit more get up and go and feel more sporty but it's noisy by comparison - doesn't ride as well and for cargo area usability and rear seat space, the Mazda is a distant last.

So for a small SUV with big features it's a Honda HRV.