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2015 Honda HR-V VTi-L Review

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Sat Nav is a bad joke. Car was sold to me as iPhone ready and the system just doesn't work .

Tyre pressure alert has come on every hot day, no one seems to have answers for this .

Sunroof is so noisy it's a joke.

I made a big mistake buying this car

The stupid OK button that needs to be pushed every time you start car.

God give me strength . The car drives well so it's nothing to do with engine or performance the seats are comfortable and overall it's a nice ride, but my feeling is that by trying to have so much new technology that this car is too clever for itself.im in and out of car 30 times a day at least and every time I start the car I have to push that stupid ok button who the hell thought of that!!

its I finally got maps up the other day on busy road and phone rang, the hands free is good and easy to use but caller id comes on screen and maps disappear so now I have phone call and no maps, and no idea when to turn .

The car salesman is a guy I have bought 5 or 6 cars from and I asked him to take this piece of crap back for gods sake and his response was he would let Honda know of my concerns. I thought that at 55 I would have more common sense or experience buying cars it just goes to show you trust no one. I made big mistake.