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2015 Holden Ute SV6 Storm review

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Since purchasing my 2015 SV6 Ute late last year, I’ve had a little time putting kays on the clock. Having driven over a range of different back and main roads, and in different weather conditions, I will say that Holden got it pretty much right.

The performance, handling and comfort were the key buying points for my decision to purchase the SV6 Ute. Coming from a family-sized four-cylinder sedan, I never had the need to carry 3–5 people. In addition, after changing jobs and needing a tray for tools and materials, the RWD ute fits that requirement. The purchase has definitely been a step up into more of a driver's car, and a ride to have a little fun driving around town in, but still being practical for work use.

There are two main cons for me. One that comes with any real-wheel-drive ute, and that’s the reduced weight in the rear of the vehicle. Take a wet roundabout a little too fast or accelerate a bit too much out of a corner and you’re fishtailing half out of control. Although easy enough to avoid, it’s just something I’m cautious about.

My second gripe is the fuel economy. Obviously, being a thirsty six-cylinder engine it’s not an urban road use fan. In the city with medium traffic I average about 11L/100km. The upside is that with highway use the economy slides to 7.2L/100km, and cruise control is a massive help with deciding that number.

That said, the SV6 Ute is a great purchase in my opinion. Upsides all round with the power, performance, connectivity, fair bit of space in the cab (for a two-door ute), parking sensors and park assist, sat-nav in-built (VF Storm variants only), big 71L fuel tank, dual climate control, and the vehicle's all-round good looks.

In my opinion, Holden did well for a mid-year ’15 model. It's a practical vehicle for work use, all the latest tech at the time, and I would definitely recommend picking up the Storm variant for that little bit extra.

I rate the 2015 Holden Ute SV6 Storm an 8/10.


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