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2015 Holden Trax Ltz Review

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We are an older couple who have, for many years, been looking for a vehicle that is not too big and sits at a height that makes it easy to get in and out of.

That rules out most vehicles on the road today and seldom if ever do car makers and reviewers consider the needs of older people. The safety rating of the typical modern car is another factor for older people with bones that become more brittle over time. Another important factor is the small footprint with sufficient height to be able to easily see what is around to make driving enjoyable while making parking easy.

When we first saw a Trax it was 'love at first sight'. After much deliberation and digging deep into retirement capital we decided to buy a 3 month old ex-rental with 12000km on the clock. It is a lovely car to drive in and around town and on the open road.

Performance at all speeds is very adequate (after all it is the journey that is important), the ride is comfortable (even on gravel roads) and the seating position is very good (even on longer trips). We took the Trax on a 1600km holiday soon after we bought it and it performed excellently for our purposes. Part of our trip was along some gravel roads and there was no indication of 'loosing control'.

The only problem is that it has developed a whine in the transmission at an engine speed of 1500 - 2000 r/m when at normal operating temperatures. Holden says it is a typical noise for this vehicle, and wont do anything about it. Why don't they tell people the truth when they put it up for sale - so be warned.