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2015 Holden Cruze Z-series Review

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I almost feel like giving the car a kick on the sides to get it galloping again, sometimes I just want that extra bit of power - being the I.8L engine, I know (and anyone who drives it knows) it will never be a growling performance car.

the interior is impressive, z-series leather seats, push to start, seat warmers amazing in winter, impressive touch screen (didn't get the GPS version). Overall, I'm a tall guy and I find it's really accommodating for the behemoths like me out there.

Keyless features:
Cruze's keyless entry (via physical door buttons) and push button start are really cool features. They make getting in and starting up really fast! I'll be finishing from the gym or just getting back from a swim and my keys will be lost in the dark and ever changing abyss that is my sports bag - no problems just open up, dump the bag in the car and get going.

The only issues I have had with this feature are: (1) The factory settings only allow one door to be unlocked with keyless entry, I had to configure it on the infotainment system to allow all the doors to unlock at the same time which I click one physical button door; (2) When I try to keyless lock the car, sometime I notice the driver door is still unlocked, there have been times at the train station or even at home parked on the street where I'll get back to the car and realise the door has been unlocked all day. its that sinking feel of the possibility security to man-mobile has been breeched. Sometimes this requires an extra click of the button to lock all the doors.