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2015 Holden Cruze SRI V Review

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I looked around at a new car to replace my Holden Commodore VT 1999 model, which I have since brand new. I looked at the Holden Cruze, Mazda 3 and the Nissan Pulsar.

I took all three cars for a test drive. At the end of the day I was so impressed with the Holden Cruze SRI-V. The car has so much power for being a 1.6 Ltr Turbo.

The interior has so much room in it. The handling is great, the 18 inch wheels just grip to the road. So far I have done 768 Kms and have now just filled the 60 liter tank for the first time and that has all been city driving. Love the feature of the auto lights and the safety features the car has build into it.

You can actually program the lights to how long to stay on for once you exit the vehicle so you can see at night time.

The car will NOT let you lock the remote in it. When you walk up to the drivers door, you push the button on the door handle once and it will unlock only the drivers door, the fuel tank door and the boot. Press the button again and it will unlock all the doors.

Once you start driving all the doors automatically lock, but if for some reason you may have a accident the system unlocks the doors automatically. The boot is has big as my old commodores boot, so much room.

The Sta Nav, Radio etc is user friendly. I thought I would miss my commodore but I really don't after getting the cruze. Shop around tho for the best price, as I found some holden dealers price was up to $6000 difference.