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2015 Holden Cruze SRI V Review

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Hard but responsive ride and corners really well whilst maintaining a very lateral position. Can't get the fuel consumption under 9lt per 100kms even though 70%+ of driving is up and the freeway. My average speed is 68km/hour.

I'd love to hear from anyone who can get better than 9. My mother has a Cruze as well (but two years older, and her fuel consumption is at 9.3lt/100kms at an average speed of 38kms/hr which says that she is mostly driving just around town. Nice and sporty look.

I added a sunroof through the manufacturer and it enhances the look and experience nicely. It is a bit noisy, so the Bluetooth car kit microphone needs to be turned down so the people you call don't hear the road noise. It took a few requests to get a reasonable outcome.

The boot space is good for a car this size. It's a little squeeze to put in a booster seat for a small child , so it requires a bit of jostling to clip the seat belt in. The sat nav is very good, with the ability to toggle the dash display behind the steering wheel to have the next turn on it.

Surprisingly the voice commands on the blue tooth phone works ok. It doesn't always but the mark, but often enough to encourage you to use it and keep your eyes on the road. The cruise control work really well with no need to brake too much on the downhill run.