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2015 Holden Commodore SV6 Storm Review

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Let me start by saying I am reviewing this car not because I own it but because I love driving this great machine. Bought this car back in May 2015 replacing my XR6 and I fell in love with this car since. Being one of the final commodores ever built I am part of the history which I am very proud of. Saying all this let's get to the car.

Starting with the exterior look, I really like the aggressive look of the car(mine is in black). It is a great mix of aggressiveness and elegance. You see lot of new VF's rolling around but you can't just walk past one without a second glance. The 18" alloys finished in black and chrome and STORM badges on the side of the car gives it a great limited edition(type of) feeling. However, I am not a very big fan of the way LED works as they go off as soon as you switch on the lights. Space/Interior: Cabin is really really spacious with plenty of headroom and big/comfortable enough for a 6'+ guy. The seats feel so comfortable and relaxing and doing long trips is so easy. Talking about the infotainment screen it has some pros and cons. The biggest con for the screen is it lags sometimes when I change gears like reverse to first. The sensors are very sensitive so feel free to drive until you see the red sign on your screen which still leaves plenty of space.

Driving: Ah, I just love driving the machine. Even though it is a 6 cylinder, it surely does not feel like one when you push the car in the right gear. It will just start flying. I haven't actually tested the 0-100 sprint but it is no way slow and does like to fly. Just press the pedal and it'll go. Crusing on the freeways is just great, you don't feel the bumps and it handles the corners so very well.

I do however have a small complaint about the manual transmission at times the first gear has actually stuck which I will get checked when I go for the first servicing.

Being one of the last SV6 and new VF2 already launched I don't see hoping for any new features but would have liked to see some more power.

All in all a great car to drive and I assure you will fall in love with the car. You get all the features that a $80k Audi might have and given all the tech,space,cabin I think this is a great Australian car. It is sad to see that Holden is killing the production and might import a European car as Commodore. An European model will not appeal(certainly not to me) as a commodore so I am going to keep this for as long as I can. A true car that unfortunately not see past 2017.